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A little context: My name is Chuck and I enjoy analysis, discovery, and deconstruction of all sorts of systems. Normal? I have an inkling that my appetite for such stuff is most likely NOT, but I often wonder when and how others manage to lose their sense of curiosity about things. I dig and test to satisfy my intrigue and of course for my own amusement.
I busy myself as a Vulnerability Assessment analyst for a gi-normous corporation where I Red Team, scan, pen test, and cause general mayhem all for the benefit of the good guys. In my spare time, I enjoy blowing up Linux and Unix machines on my hybrid home network, leading a local community of *nix/OSS geeks, playing league baseball, cooking, restoring vintage video arcade games, and relaxing with my wife and daughter.
By my recollection, so far I have been a newsboy, boy scout, bag boy, stockroom guy, clerical worker, electronics technician, professional illustrator, sailor, security guard, applications programmer, house painter, tree trimmer, music magazine features writer, graduate teaching assistant, ISP "everything tech", CEO, web designer, LUG founder, VLS Unix/Linux sysadmin, and Information Security poobah. Many roles seem to come and go, but my constant seems to be the role of "student". The hat seems to fit no matter what, because "expert" is not a great label to take on. Once one does so, he might reject new learining opportunities. There's always something I can learn, if I let myself. Forget ego, learning is the best part!
Anyway, now that you know what primes my pump, enjoy my site. I have built it to share my fondness for open systems (like Linux!), program code, games, hot rodding, all kinds of projects, hobbies, and baseball. Enjoy!

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