My home arcade is better than Galaxy World!
Projects and maintenance notes

Sanyo 14" (Nintendo) Tube Swap
Centipede Resto
Capcom CPS2
X-men vs. SF: WG K7000 No power to tube - troubleshooting in progress
MSH vs. SF: WG K7000 Monitor has raster, but no signal
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters Project
Building the whole game from parts. Note to self: next time get the cabinet FIRST! :p
Wiring Harness
Hall Effect Joy Sticks
Control Panel + overlay (Thanks a million Trey!)
Dedicated cabinet
power supply
side art

Tempest: Squashed video
I need to install a cap kit and new transistors on the WG 19K6100 chassis to make it better.
Bosconian: Need to replace linear PS with a switcher.
Make new stencils
Repaint and repair Stern cabinet (3 so-so cabs will make 1 minty one)
Install rebuilt Electrohome G07 (horiz. mount) (have)
Install bezel glass (have 2)
Install light fixture (have)
Install Speaker and amp (need)
Install marquee (have 2)
Install CP (en route)
Install new buttons/joystick (need)
Install new PCB set into the drawer. (en route)
Install new PS (need)
Install coin door (en route)
Install wiring harness (have 2)
Zaxxon/Congo Bongo cocktail: Need to install wiring harness and topglass, also need to find an underlay.
Hacking Killer Instinct boot rom to accept a HD with different geometry than the Seagate ST9150AG.
UPDATE [16 Aug 2002]: I have my needhams emp-10 now - let the fun begin.
UPDATE [4 Sept 2002]: Seems a colleague at the KI Project has beaten me to the punch! He not only created a boot rom image that allows for a different IDE drive to be used, it allows ANY IDE drive to be used. Here's his site. Awesome! Maximus is da man. Maybe I can turn my attentions toward Carnevil/Area 51/Blitz 99/MegaTouch HD images? Well I'll have to get a hold of those systems before I do anything on that...LMK if you have any of those PCB's - maybe I can pick one up and fiddle around with it...