Centipede Resto Journal.
Well here we have our subject: One converted Centipede. Big Event Golf? Ugh! Poor converted Atari classic - I will rescue you and put things right!
First things first. I took note of what I have to work with and what I will need to complete this project. First I will list what I have:
  1. Cabinet - Cab is in good shape with no H2O damage
  2. Coin Door - Coin door is in decent shape, works
  3. Control Panel - CP is unhacked
  4. Controls - Original trackball and lit buttons are still there.
  5. Back Door + Instruction sheet - nice
  6. Transformer Block - in ??? condition
  7. ARII board - also in ??? condition
Now here's what it was missing:
  1. PCB - a strange golf JAMMA creature occupies its spot...
  2. CPO - more golf themed weirdness
  3. Side Art - Yep! They sanded it off before painting the sides a lovely shade of yellow. Sad.
  4. Marquee - still more golf...
  5. Wiring Harness - hacked
  6. Bezel - missing altogether
  7. Cardboard monitor surround - missing as well
Well, looks like we have the same number of items as we are missing. I say a tie goes toward in favor of doing it, so the project is a go!

First I found a PCB. No sweat. I posted a "WTB" on rgvac and Michael B. Came through! $80 for a "tested working" board, which just about the going rate for these.
Next I went looking for a marquee. eBay had one that looked decent, so I sniped it!
I have repro side art, wiring harness, also

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