My home arcade is better than Galaxy World!
Scramble, by Stern
Thanks to Stephen Beall of Blast From the Past Amusements for finding and restoring this beauty for me. This game was the second addition to my collection, and not haphazardly so. I chose this game because it is the first arcade game that I ever was really good at. So good, in fact, I was able to school most of the older guys and adults, which to a 12 year old feels pretty darn good :) So to acquire this game for my personal enjoyment was a must.
Although Scrambles are for the most part pretty abundant, the dedicated cocktails are pretty rare. And it was the cocktail I wanted. I knew that if anyone could find one, it was Stephen. Not only did he find one, he found one in B+ cosmetic condition, replaced the Electrohome G07 with a new unit, fitted it with a switching power supply, refurbed the coin doors, put in a set of tested working boards and threw on new locks.
It is still one of my favorites. I know, I know, there were games like Vanguard and Defender that had arguably better and more complex gameplay, but I still like Scramble. How far can you invade the Scramble system?

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