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Smash TV, by Williams
"Big Money! Big Prizes! IIIIIIIIIII love it!"
                           --SmashTV Announcer Dude

When I was in the Navy, we actually had this game on board my ship, the U.S.S. America (CV66). We would play the hell out of it in the off-hours. (like what the hell else was I gonna do when I was off duty? Take a swim in the North Atlantic? hehe) I later acquired this game in the infamous arcade raid. For its age and history, it is in remarkable condition. It is the original dedicated 25" model and still has the "Williams" printed speaker grille intact.

Here are some pix of the front.

The marquee is in nice shape. I also have a nicer one in storage that I will put on eventually.. The reds in the screened colors tended to dull (and in extreme cases, disappear) after years of use. Also, since the marquee is screen printed glass, I have to take care not to expose it to major temperature shifts or it will eventually start to craze and/or flake.

The control panel is in very good shape too. There are no deep scratches or cigarette burns. Color is perfect.

The sides are great. I can, however tell which side of this game faced a window at one point, because the flesh colors on the art are ever so slightly faded on the left side (look very closely and you'll see it). The right side is perfect. No complaints :) Just like the marquee, the reds in the sideart are the first color to fade out when the game is exposed to strong indoor light or direct sunlight. The minimal fading tells me that this game was used inside for its whole life. The minimal scratching tells me the operator took extra special care of it. Either that or the game was bought and sat in one place forever. I'd go with the latter :)

There is only one problem spot on this game - the t-molding has been worn off partly on the right side of the control panel. 3 feet of red from ought to take care of that, although I must admit with some of the problems I face with other machines. replacing the molding on this SmashTV is pretty far back in the "to do" queue.

Here are the original ROMs that came on the boardset. I have saved them for posterity. Soon after getting this game, the original V5 romset was replaced with the V8.00 romset. Oh yeah, that is the Pleasuredome upgrade. Unghhhh huhhhh :)

The internals were very clean too. No muck, dust, dead animals, or water damage.

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