My home arcade is better than Galaxy World!
Tempest, by Atari
This is the first game in my collection. I don't count the Tutankham I had in high school, as it is long gone and 1 game never made much of a collection. I decided that I wanted some games and my wife was agreeable with the idea. She played them when she was in high school too. Her fave? You guessed it. Tempest. Since she was nice enough to let me fill the garage with arcade games, the least I could do is find her a Tempest.

Where do you find a Tempest?
eBay, of course. Did I spend too much? Probably. But it is in decent shape, works and is all original (except for the boardset, which has a non-matching serial #, no biggie :) Even better, I made sure the one I got was within 200 miles of where I live so that I can pick it up and save on shipping.

How do you get your Tempest home?
Find someone that you know with a truck. Ply them with many beers. Then ask to borrow it for the weekend. In this case, it was my brother-in-law Tim. Thanks Tim! You da man.
I might add that a Tempest fits perfectly in the back of a 99 Sonoma. Protecting against the elements are old sleeping bags and ratchet straps.

How Do you get your Tempest inside?
Pure backwork. The more the merrier cause stairs suck. As you can see, we remove all of the padding because that might cause the game to bounce on the dolly and destabilize it. If you've ever injured yourself saving a game that just jumped off your dolly, you understand. The trick is not to scratch the cabinet up as you heave hard. Go slow.

Gosh, is all that work worth it? i
You bet. A classic vector is always worth the effort - even if you can't keep the damn cat off of the thing. :)
That's all kids, remember the golden rule:

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