Vs. Super Mario Brothers, by Nintendo
Bon Voyage, Vs. Super Mario! SOLD 4/2003
This is a Vs. Super Mario Brothers (still with the auction sticker on, sorry). As best as I can tell, it was converted from Popeye. The gameplay is, for the most part, exactly the same as that of its Nintedo home-console counterpart. The wiring harness is totally hacked up and should probably be replaced soon. It was non-working when I bought it, but that was due to a malfunctioning FCC filter board, which I removed and threw out the window. Lo and behold, it fired up. It still needs a cap kit. And yes, I have since been informed that it did have a very nice Radarscope bezel installed there. How it got there is beyond me, but I made sure it found its way back to a Radarscope. The cabinet is nice and relatively unblemished - perhaps I will convert it to DKjr. Who knows.
Sidenote: The Vs. Unisystem was a system devised by Nintendo to facilitate the easy conversion of arcade games

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