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My Most Wanted Stuff!
Some projects, whether they are 10% done or 99% done, are just going to annoy you until you find that one piece or pieces that completes it. This is my laundry list of needed pieces and whole games.

Items in red are needed more sorely.
Updated: 4 May 2003
WG (K70xx,K71xx,K72xx?) 25" monitor chassis (if it needs capkit-ok, but needs to be working)
Black & White monitor chassis, working. Motorola or similar type used in Space Invaders, Gunfight et al
Zaxxon or Congo Bongo cocktail control panel set and/or Instruction Cards
Lock On, by Data East (complete)
Special Criminal Investigation, by Taito (complete)
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (or Cyberball) CABINET (Dedicated) and control panel, NOS or (not ab)used.
Legendary Wings, by Capcom (complete)
Stargate PCB set, working. Need all boards (including sound) and interboard i/o cables. - FOUND! Thanks to "thrushguy" Scott G!
Phoenix or Pleiades kit (PCB, CP, marquee) - FOUND! Thanx to Billy M!
Alien Syndrome PCB, marquee, CP, big plastic purple head - FOUND! Thanks to Troy from Arcadeunlimited!
Centipede wiring harness (!) - FOUND! Thanks Matt H!
Simpsons CP or CPO - FOUND!
Killer Instinct Hard Drives, blank or with KI image (Seagate ST9150AG) - FOUND!