Warehouse Raid #1 - Inspection Notes

   M.A.C.H. 3 (cockpit) -- Non-working. Had been converted to choplifter (!), broken (neck) monitor, no chassis, no monitor bezel, no laser disc. No mach 3 controller (generic joystk). Hacked wiring harness.
  *Asteroids -- Non working. Spot killer on, no sounds. No blind play.
  *Donkey Kong (cocktail) -- Non-working. neck broken on newly installed monitor. (yes, it looks like someone just bolted in a broken monitor in order to get it out the door - monitor was dusty, but the mounting hardware was shiny and new :( Also, none of the wires were connected up and whomever installed it, in their haste to get this broken junk into the cab, crunched part of the monitor circuitry between the monitor chassis and the cabinet frame. I suppose that *technically* this game is complete, but throwing in known bad parts to make a game "complete" is no way to run a railroad...
  *Space Invaders Deluxe -- Non-working, incomplete. Missing monitor chassis.
   Rally-X -- Non-working. Monitor not installed. Had been converted to "Trivia Quest" (!)
   A.P.B. -- Non-working. Powers up with garbage. This is a board issue.
   Turbo (cockpit) -- Non-working. This *might* work when I get around to putting it all back together. Who knows. All wiring is undone. Incomplete. No steering wheel
   Mario Bros. -- Non-working, DOA. Not inspected yet.
   Xevious -- Non working - Monitor not installed.
   Golden Tee Golf -- Non-working. Tutankham conversion. Monitor not installed. Incomplete - no monitor bezel or surround included.
   Capcom Bowling -- Non-working. Tutankham conversion.
   Guerrilla War -- Non-working. Berzerk conversion. Won't power up. Incomplete. Missing power supply..
   Big Event Golf -- Non-working. Centipede conversion, no monitor installed.
   Vs. Golf-- Traded
   PlayChoice 10 -- Non-working. Powers up to 2 blank monitors (any games installed??) Closer inspection req.
  *Abracadabra Pinball -- Incomplete: missing legs. Untested
   Subroc 3D -- Non-working. Powers up w/o video. Game plays blind.
  *Monaco GP -- Not delivered. Replaced with a non-working conversion called "Street Heat"
   Bionic Commando -- Works!
   Rush'n Attack -- Non-working. Incomplete. (!) Empty cabinet with trashed monitor/trashed chassis (!)
   Wonder Boy -- Non-working. Won't power up. Incomplete. Missing power supply.
   Gun Fight -- Non-working. Monitor comes up, game does not coin up or play. No sounds. PICS and description here!
   Super Bike -- Non-working. Won't power up
   Gals Panic -- Non-working. Incomplete. Coin door stripped (no coin slots or mechs) won't power up, Power supply missing!
   Mission X -- Non-working. Incomplete. Missing power supply.

The ones marked with an asterisk (*) I intend to keep for my home arcade. If you are interested in buying or trading for any of the rest, drop me a line and I'll see what we can work out.